We host a variety of events at 8th Dimension, such as organized play for various games, parties, game nights, signings, and even live music. Our regular event schedule will resume after we reopen in November 2021!

Want to rent our game room/event space for a private event? Email us at info@8thdimensioncomics.com.

Event Calendar

Welcome to the 8th Dimension Event Calendar! We have a LOT of events, including special in-store events, regular organized play in our Game Room, and more! To help you keep track of it all, we have created this Google calendar. If you use a Google-compatible calendar, you can add any of our events to your calendar or subscribe to the whole thing (which you can toggle on and off in your own viewer).

Please note that when we have an event scheduled for our Game Room, the room generally is considered “reserved” during that time. Some of these events draw enough people to fill the room, but if there is free space, we may be able to accommodate drop-in players. In general, when the room is not reserved in advance, table space is first-come, first-served. If you see an open time and want to confirm its availability and schedule an event (either a one-time thing or a recurring event), email us or give us a call at 281-856-6506.

Our Game Room may be reserved for private events as well. Click here for more details.