New Comics

dad-daughter-new-releasesNew comic books are released on Wednesday each week. We carry comics from publishers like DC Comics, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, IDW Entertainment, BOOM! Studios, Action Lab, Oni Press, and more. We stock a range of comics from small, independent publishers as well.

If you’re looking for a particular title, let us know. We’ll be happy to order it for you if it’s available.

Comic Subscriptions

We offer a subscription service for comics. If you set up a subscription for new issues, we’ll create your “box” to save a copy of each book you subscribe to just for you. Every time a new issue of a series you’re subscribed to comes out, you’ll have a copy reserved for you in your box. There is no minimum number of titles to maintain your subscription – if you only want one book, we want to get that book for you! All we ask is that you pick up your box at least once a month (or make other arrangements with us if necessary – we’re flexible, but we need to know that you are planning to come get them).

Best of all, subscribers receive a 10% discount on ALL new issues (not just what you’re subscribed to) and supplies (bags, boards, storage boxes, etc.).

You also can subscribe to graphic novel collections for ongoing series, if they are available.

Mail Order Subscriptions

We are happy to do mail-order subscriptions as well. Contact us for details!

Get Started

Email us at for more information or to set up your subscription. Subscribers can opt in to receive email updates to let them know whenever titles to which they are subscribed are ready to be picked up.

Older Comics (Back Issues)

We have a nice selection of older single comic issues. Come browse our back issue bins and fill those pesky holes in your collection!

Graphic Novels and Collected Comics

We carry a wide variety of graphic novels, trade paperbacks (TPBs – collected editions of multi-issue comic book storylines), hardcovers, and more. If you don’t see the book you’re looking for, ask a staff member. We’re happy to place a special order for you if the book you want is in print!

All-Ages and Kids Comics

We have a broad selection of all-ages comics – fun for the whole family! Young readers have lots of choices in comics, graphic novels, comic strip collections, educational picture books, Mad Libs, sticker books, and more. Don’t forget to check out our gaming section for kid-friendly, all-ages games!